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Welcome to the new BC Coastal Soccer League comprised of the Alouette, Burnaby, Fraser Valley, North Shore, Richmond, South Fraser, Tri-Cities and Vancouver Youth Soccer Associations.

If you are not already aware, the Lower Mainland District Chairs have agreed to amalgamate all eight districts into one League to be named the BC Coastal Soccer League (BCCSL) and will begin with the 4-District and 5-District boys in September of 2017. This will be a season of transition and more information will be forthcoming.
U13 to U18 Gold teams will be scheduled to play with the eight (8) districts.
U13 to U18 teams in levels below Gold will be scheduled to play geographically.

Note: We will be using Gotsoccer for our scheduling and the link will be circulated in advance of the season to all Districts who will forward it to their clubs.

Please see the Protest Form. Protests are to be sent to the BCCSL Protest Committee Chair - Fari Fuladi within 48 hours of the game in question.

Before you send a protest consider whether it might be a complaint instead. See the BCCSL League Guide, page 17, for particulars on submitting a protest.

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BC Soccer Rules & Regulations

League Discipline: Discipline Meetings are at the Willingdon Community Center: 1491 Carleton Avenue in Burnaby. Check the Guide for details regarding specifics and your District Discipline Representative.

Code of Ethics & Team Behaviour
Please read these two documents concerning conduct and ethics for team coaches, parents, and players
Racial Slurs and Derogatory Commentary

Head Injuries and Concussions
Please read these two documents regarding concussion / head injuries
Detailed Concussion Assessment Document
Concussion Injury Pocket Test
BC Soccer Concussion Policy

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