Reporting Absent Referees and Assistants

Coaches and managers can use this page to report instances when there was not a referee (all games) or not two assistant referees (U16-U18) to the 4 District League.

Send an email to, using the link below. Please include information on:

* Game date, time, location
* Home and visiting team age, division and names
* Details of officials missing - referee and/or assistants (assistants for U16-18 only)
* Name, phone number, email and team of coach/manager reporting.

This link is only used for absent referees. Please do not use it for any other purpose, as it will not be forwarded or followed up. In particular, if you are happy or unhappy with a referee, direct this separately to your own district's Head Referee.

Reports can only be made by a team official (coach or manager) or Division Liaisons.

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